David Del Valle

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David Del Valle is a journalist, columnist, film historian, and radio and television commentator. One of the leading authorities on the horror, science-fiction and fantasy film genres, he has contributed to magazines internationally, with his articles and interviews appearing in such publications as Films in Review (where he writes the column Camp David), Cinefantastique, Scarlet Street, Cult Movies, Fangoria, Films and Filming, and Video Watchdog. Del Valle is the producer and on-camera host of Vincent Price’s only interview regarding his career in the horror film (featured on May 25 at Vincentennial). In addition to the Price interview, he produced and hosted a series of television interviews entitled “Sinister Image.” Del Valle currently has two books on the market, both from BearManor Media: “Lost Horizons: Beneath the Hollywood Sign,” a 21st -century equivalent of Kenneth Anger’s “Hollywood Babylon,” and “Six Reels Under,” a collection of film essays. Del Valle has also curated several award-winning photo exhibits in Los Angeles and Northern California, including “Nevermore,” an exhibit devoted to the Poe films of Price and Roger Corman. His personal collection of images from all aspects of horror fantasy and cult films has provided such clients as Taschen Press, the Syfy channel, and the BBC with material for books and documentaries. His latest projects include “Autographs From the Edge,” a coffee-table book of autographs with commentary, and his long-awaited study of the Corman-directed Poe films, “See to the Crypt,” to be published in 2011.

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