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The National Board of Review of Motion Pictures came into being in 1909 in NYC when a group of right-minded citizens took action and stepped in between the public and forces of local censorship, and did so with a reasonable degree of success. The organization grew, and their imprimatur – Passed by the National Board of Review – can be seen on countless films from the teens through the 50s.

The NBR’s first magazine was called ‘Film Program.’ A later incarnation was ‘National Board of Review Magazine.’ In 1950 they inaugurated ‘Films in Review’, a digest-sized publication with far more pictures and reader-friendly articles than the previous magazines contained.

In the mid-90’s,the magazine faltered due to rising printing costs, and its parent company – The National Board of Review – a non-for-profit organization, wasn’t in the financial position to keep it alive. Cut to yours truly, a contributor to Films In Review for thirty years, who had just made some bucks off a screenplay called The Substitute, and decided, recklessly, to buy the mag without taking the time to do a careful business plan. Together with partner Joe Anderson, under the corporate name Then and There Media LLC, and with the help of a few neighboring angels, we rescued Films In Review… temporarily.

Two years later, though revenue was growing, and the losses dwindling, we found we couldn’t keep throwing money into the well. And so, here it dwells, in cyberspace, hopefully bringing many of the qualities of old to our internet readers.

One of our features, which I’m certain you’ll all love, is the FIR Archive. Going back forty, fifty and sixty years into the publication’s past, there are many incredible surprises waiting to be uncovered. Periodically we’ll be putting up issues from bygone eras, featuring articles by famous filmmakers who were eager to share their thoughts with us. After all, we were the only serious film magazine out there back then.

In the Columns section you’ll find the regular features Camp David from renowned journalist, columnist, film historian and radio and television commentator David del Valle, and Indie Corner from Independent Movie maker, screenwriter, author and national magazine columnist Glenn Andreiev.

Also of course there’s our Filmusic column and reviews of recent films, DVDs, books, festivals, award shows and anything and all about those involved, from some of the best people in the business.

The FIR Webzine is updated often, so stay tuned.

Films In Review is owned by Then and There Media, LLC

For inquiries: back issues, reproductions, etc. contact editor@filmsinreview.com

National Board of Review Officers:

Annie Schulhof President, Sarah Merritt Eastman Vice-President, Andrew Weinberg,Treasurer. Michael J. Friedman, Secretary and Legal Counsel. Mirra Bank, Jeanine Basinger, Ph.D., Mary Corson, Scott Dahnke, Leon Friedman, Daniel Goldstine, Ph.D., Moira Griffin, David Laub, Norman T. Strauss, Ph.D.