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By • Dec 29th, 2015 •

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How pleasant, to be alerted of a story from former student, internet techie J. X., who spins a tale of unfolding madness I’m sorry to admit that I, and probably everyone, can relate to having experienced at some point in their lives – hopefully not for long…

To write short form horror, one has to have a love of the language, and a firm grasp of it. Carrera appears to have both. I’m reminded more of Clive Barker than Stephen King – the writing style is more hallucinogenic. We’re in the head of a guy who needs serious time off to pull himself together, but such a respite is not in the cards. We’re drawn in by his psychic dilemma, and fortunately (for us) at some point we’re able to detach and see him plummet the rest of the way into the void.

Visit Kindle and check it out. And let’s see where his literary gift takes him next…

Mini-review by Roy Frumkes

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