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TRICKED (First Run Features)

By • Jan 17th, 2015 •

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Right now there are more people enslaved than during any other period in human history. Fingers are pointed outward as Americans fueled by patriotism echo the belief that freedom and liberty are God-given rights denied in third world nations dominated by a callous disregard for human value while extolling the virtuous living in our homeland shielding these rights. In America, at any given moment, walking alone on streets, hanging on corners, in bars, or direct to your hotel room, are women indentured to the “gentleman” in their lives with a firm pimp grip. Journalist, NIcholas Kristof, believed as so many do that women in the sex business are in partnership with these men. As it turns out, these women are slaves. There are men and women of law enforcement that are attempting to save these women and bring these pimps to justice in a system designed to let the criminal run free.

Hookers, prostitutes, whores, call girls, escorts. A sex worker may be a victim in human trafficking. TRICKED spotlights women who were lured and tricked into selling their bodies and eventually their souls to a masked charmer of venomous hatred. Females with varying degree of education stemming from college down to a sixth grade education fall victim. Danielle, a freshman at Northeastern in Boston found herself prisoner to a pimp. As for the female with the sixth grade education, she was only 11 years old in the sixth grade when she was unknowingly lured, forced, and threatened with violence towards her family if she did not comply with ‘Daddy Daycare.’ She subjected herself to the horrors by men, ‘child abusers’ as she calls them, who have a penchant for little girls, in order to protect her family.

Snaring sex slaves through tools such as Internet chat with seemingly innocent banter is a method that literally grabs young girls from within the confines of their homes. After the initial coaxing period, violent beatings, degradation, and humiliation is standard treatment as if it were written in the pimp guidebook. Extension cords are the whips of the 21st century slave trade. One former prostitute stated that it is through fear and terror in which a pimp manipulates.

Intrinsically destitute, enslaved women may have well-manicured nails and salon hairstyles while wearing attire that compliments their figures. One woman detailed the mandatory gym workout sessions where the motto was that if you didn’t vomit, you didn’t work out to your potential. The illusion of pampering is shattered when confined to a room either in a mansion on a piece of prime real estate or in the cheap rundown part of town. There is no profit sharing, percentage splits, 401k. 100% of the money goes to the pimp, The only provisions are the essentials for the trade. One woman when faced with the choice between food or sleep opted for sleep.

Yet, it’s glorious for the man who fancies himself a pimp to attend an annual gala honoring their position within society. This pimp parade is called, A PLAYERS BALL, in Chicago. With all the fervor of the Oscars, limousines arrive. Out steps a man in what he perceives to be fine threads. In line, much like cattle, and less like Ziegfeld’s Follies or The Rockettes, are his stable of women. All of these women proceed through the venue as on exhibition with heads down, forbidden to look up. The men of the evening are all glitzed. One dons a fedora, coat slung over his shoulders in bow tie and three piece suit, glittery glasses, accessorized with a pimp cup that looks as if it were featured on that terrible as seen on TV product, The Bedazzler.

Robert Money, a pimp, describes that dressed for success are the tools of his trade much like a plumber needs a wrench. Privileged to hear his philosophy, he states, “These are the tools that capture. The woman, they like flashy, all women like to be with top-flight, they wanna be with a number one. All women. So, if they see you bling-blinging, suited and booted, nice car, these are your tools. So now, there is money in my pocket, money in my bank account, I have properties, I have limousines, I mean, you have to wake up and elevate your game.”

He proceeds to pull out bank cards as he explains that he has every major credit card and retrieves a Ziploc bag with jewelry from his pocket. He carries these bags with him if he wants to get ‘pimpage.’ At least he is against the new pimps’ practice at The Players Ball of the “the ho’s” looking downward. Why? “…because everything is up.”

Karen Hughes, Vice Lieutenant of the Las Vegas Police Department, supports the philosophical pimp’s assertion that money drives this sub-culture. An effective method of combating these cretins is seizing their assets. She states, “We’ve got some very pompous arrogant criminals that believe that they are untouchable, literally untouchable, because they have used such manipulation, coercion, violence, intimidation, that they know none of their victims will stand up and speak against them and that’s what they count on.”

Another benefactor to society, Germaine Wallace, aka ‘Jello’, former pimp now incarcerated, relied on such but ran out of luck. His women sat in front of the media shedding tears for him swearing in court that he was not a pimp. (It should be known that he called himself Jello after Magellan, thinking that the explorer was an entrepreneur.)

As with tragedy, there is comedy. TRICKED interviewed, Debbie The Pimp Cup Lady. in her huge white hair and what looks to be peacock feathers on her dress. As she proclaims, “Everybody wants to be a pimp because it’s a style.” Her excuses for these men are that there are no jobs available to some of them and that they sell bodies to eat. It’s a business and it’s a career choice for survival. In a rhythmic tempo, “I pray over each and every glass that goes out to these pimps, players, hustlers, whores, whatever, because they need a prayer while they’re there.”

After making a cup resembling a raffish chalice, it is placed on the mantle (a makeshift altar), anointed with oil, as she summons Jesus with prayer for the pimp that will one day have this cup. But first, the cup will remain on the mantle for seven days.

None of these pimps take ownership to being harmful to these women. One considers himself “a good person to these girls.” He helps them with their babies and so much stuff that we wouldn’t even believe. TR, a prostitute, speaks away from the camera as the good pimp is in the background looking on. Speaking slowly, as if trying to remember her lines, “…anything I ask him for he do it for me with no problem. If I’m hungry or whatever he’ll fix my plate and bring it to me. Most mens won’t do that. He respect me and I respect him.” Her lines are spoken with the same lies as everyone caught up in that world at the moment. Yet, she is unable to mask the distinctive haggard cry of defeat.

With the tears brought on by reflections of pain, the females presented in TRICKED that have been rescued are severely damaged. The women currently bound to these virulent pimps can find no solace until they are separated and the laws are altered to view these women as victims and with the full might of the American justice system forever lock these repugnant criminals behind bars. No words or summary can fully convey the anguish felt by those victimized – the girls and their families – it must be watched.

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