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By • Sep 4th, 2012 •

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Ever wonder what Frankenstein, the Mummy and the Wolf Man have been doing since they met Abbott and Costello? Were you aware that just about every retired professional wrestler wishes for their careers to be dug up from the grave and resurrected? Director/writer Jesse Cook knows these things. So he spanned the globe for monsters and the undead, contracted The Mouth of the South Jimmy Hart and Kevin Nash, former titans of the squared circle to a Pay Per View styled wrestling bout, Creature vs. Undead, in a cursed graveyard.

WARNING! If you do not like Wrestling! Zombies! Monsters! GO AWAY.

Criticisms first. It’s a Pay-Per-View event and not a narrative film. The title match runs a bit long. A re-edit would help the flow of the film.

Now, listen up. Kudos to Jesse T. Cook for creating a monster, zombie, wrestling jamboree. Jimmy Hart offers the zealous ranting that made him a staple of the wrestling world. Dave Foley and Art Hindle offer commentary. Foley does his best Howard Cosell and Hindle simply kicks ass. Horror actor Lance Henriksen narrates. MMA fighter Herb Dean referees. In between the matches are short vignettes about the scheduled brawlers. Witchbitch is from New England, Lady Vampire is from Transylvania, and Zombie Man is from where else but Pittsburgh, PA. What’s a wrestling match without Kevin Nash bringing havoc to the graveyard?

Canadian based Foresight Features is a promising company as it has also produced the narrative feature EXIT HUMANITY (reviewed by FIR’s editor elsewhere in the At Home section). Director Jesse Cook proves his worth with just a short and one other film, SCARCE, to his credit.

MONSTER BRAWL looks good and it has achieved what the story is: Set in the style of a Pay-Per-View event.

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