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By • Jul 26th, 2011 •

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I’ve been a fan of Sesame Street and The Muppets since I was a small child. As much as I loved it as a child, I enjoy it on a much higher level as an adult. I firmly believe that although it is geared towards children, there is a little something in there for adults. BEST OF SESAME STREETS SPOOFS VOLUME 1&2 proves my point all too well. I watched it with my three-year-old cousin and I laughed hysterically throughout while she wandered in an out of the room during different spoofs. The mere fact that SESAME STREET even spoofs pop culture goes to show you that it’s for the adults who have to sit and watch with their preschoolers.

BEST OF SESAME STREET SPOOFS VOLUME 1 moved a little slow. There were some spoofs I couldn’t appreciate because I wasn’t familiar with what they were making fun of. However, those that I recognized were highly entertaining. MONSTERPIECE THEATER of GONE WITH THE WIND AND THE KING AND I, hosted by Alistair Cookie (Cookie Monster) were hilarious. I especially liked THE KING AND I. Lovable Grover played the king and guess who he danced with in the spoof? You guessed it. The letter “I”! Knowing that this was SESAME STREET and it is filled with lessons on numbers and letters, this still surprised me for some reason, making the reveal all the more entertaining. I couldn’t get enough of it. Another one of my favorite spoofs was a music video called CEREAL GIRL, spoofing Madonna’s hit “Material Girl”. Hilarious. A puppet singing about how much they love cereal? Genius.

BEST OF SESAME STREET SPOOFS VOLUME 2 is where the spoofs get out of control and I mean that in a good way. It spoofs current shows such as LAW AND ORDER SVU, MAD MEN, DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES, 30 ROCK, TRUE BLOOD and more. The two that stand out amongst the pack is LAW AND ORDER SPECIAL LETTERS UNIT and TRUE MUD. SESAME STREET has taken the spoof to a level that the puppets look like the characters from the actual show and they’ve taken on the task of redoing the credits to fit the sketch. TRUE MUD is even introduced on the GBO (Grouch Network)! If you think it can’t get any better or funnier than that, guess again. Check out the opening credits of 30 ROCKS where Liz Lemon is played by…a lemon.

Some of these spoofs are more entertaining than their real counterparts. I’ve watched GREYS ANATOMY since the first season and often as the show has progressed I’ve asked myself why I continue to watch. Why? I’m hoping something will happen and don’t want to miss it when it does. Well, a lot more happened in the spoof A’S ANATOMY as Dr. Grover did surgery on the letter “A” than has happened in the last two seasons of GREYS ANATOMY. I rest my case.

The bonus spoof of JON AND KATE PLUS 8 from the LIVE AND LEARN CHANNEL was fun, but I really enjoyed the spoof of the OLD SPICE commercials. Grover takes on the role of the OLD SPICE guy and tells us how to smell like a monster. Classic.

BEST OF SESAME STREET SPOOFS VOLUME 1&2 is worth owning and watching with your children. The kids will learn their numbers and letters and you can laugh at all of the pop culture references. It doesn’t get any better than this.

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