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By • Jul 5th, 2011 •

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We all wanted revenge on somebody. And, come on – some of your images of “getting back” would require rolls of paper towels to clean up afterwards. That is why we have such quirky and macabre gems like SOME GUY WHO KILLS PEOPLE. This new indie film starts off with a group of tough-looking guys brutally beating a helpless young man, Ken (Kevin Corrigan, THE DEPARTED). The reason for the beating is in a comic book one of thugs holds. The beating lands Ken in an asylum. Upon release, he gets a job at an ice cream parlor, mostly as a costumed ice cream cone. Ken’s sour facial expression and grim costume makes him look like a diabetics nightmare. His tormentors, now older but still volatile jerks, are all being brutally killed off, and the local sheriff hasn’t a clue (the sheriff is played with great comic timing by Barry Bostwick- of ROCKY HORROR fame). SOME GUY WHO KILLS PEOPLE is a triple-scoop cinematic ice-cream cone of scares, laughs and heart. A characters like Ken, who we care about, is put in truly suspenseful situations, and sometimes you feel like you’re watching an episode of FORENSIC FILES gone delightfully silly.

“I’ve always been attracted to films that effectively mix genres,” states director Jack Perez “That’s exactly what Ryan Levin’s screenplay for SOME GUY WHO KILLS PEOPLE offered — a unique mix of thriller, comedy and drama elements — all beautifully balanced. One of the genre-mixing films I love is THE BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN. In the same film you have that goofy king trying to climb out of a bottle, and than a few minutes later, you’re ready to cry when the monster meets the blind-man. The possibilities of making audiences laugh one moment, scare them silly the next, and ultimately have them genuinely invested in the characters was challenging and intoxicating. It was exactly the film I had been searching to make for many years.”

The cast does stellar work here, and the standout is Ariel Glade, who plays Ken’s wise-to-the-world daughter. Her performance isn’t going for typical cute – just genuinely smart. The filming of SOME GUYS WHO KILL PEOPLE was completed in under twenty days, whereas most Hollywood features have shooting schedules of 80 to 200 days! Given the rushed shooting schedule, Director of Photography Shawn Maurer achieved a look rich in color, reminding us of Robert Burks’ Technicolor cinematography for Alfred Hitchcock.

On a compact shoot like SOME GUY WHO KILLS PEOPLE, last minute pitfalls, such as locations suddenly becoming unavailable, add to the creativity. “You learn not to panic, but to make it work for the film,” remarked Perez.

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