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By • Jun 8th, 2011 •

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Little Thai girls fighting bad Thai guys in efforts to rebuild their mother’s beachfront restaurant that was destroyed accidentally by a seven foot giant after chowing down on spicy “somtum.” The giant would not have been at the restaurant had not one of the sisters been a thief, and he, not a sucker for a seductive Thai con woman. Add a couple of diamond smugglers, a despicable fight promoter, wrestlers, and voila, MUAY THAI GIANT.

It is bewildering as to why this Rated R action-comedy is not a PG-13 film. There is no nudity, sex, lewdness, murder, or dark overtones. The fighting scenes are testament to the skills necessary for martial arts and wrestling, thus strengthening the argument that fighting and violence are polar opposites. If anything, this film serves as a moral lesson for kids.

When the first fight scene is introduced, it displays the art of combat and combat as slapstick while setting the tone for the film and main character introduction. As the Australian seven-foot tourist is on his hands and knees in a cowardly reaction to an engine backfiring, a young girl crouches beneath him as the thugs that she has stolen from attempt to grab and beat her. Just as nearby objects are employed to administer punishment, it is the pint-sized teen sister to the rescue, played by Junior Muay Thai champion, Sasisa Jindamanee.

Like Popeye gaining strength from spinach, this gentle giant harnesses his inner-warrior when ingesting the spicy somtum. Just as David Banner turned green as The Incredible Hulk, Barney Emerald goes ballistic and turns red. The camera technique, visual effects and red make-up is reason enough to watch MUAY THAI GIANT.

Elements such as the title sequence, CG flying plane, opening note of thanks to a princess, and choice of music, create an unusual movie experience that works well but is rather puzzling and stirs the pot of curiosity. This is the first Thai feature that I have viewed so I have no basis for reference.

Ladies and gentleman, from Australia, having served seven years in prison for multiple robberies, all 6’11, 350+ pounds, please welcome Nathan Jones. The Muay Thai Giant was a real life wanted felon who professionally wrestled in Australia, arm wrestled strong men such as Magnus Samuelsson, and spent a brief period wrestling for the WWE with the likes of The Undertaker and The Big Show.

The DVD extras contain footage of Jones being beaten as the director and producer tell of how he wanted the scenes to look real, so he paid the stuntmen from his own pocket to really batter him. Once billed as The Colossus of Boggo Road in the WWE, he and the wrestlers in this film pummel one another, use real 50-gallon drums in a fight sequence, and dive from high platforms only to plummet mercilessly atop their aching bodies. Nothing fake here as the Extras footage reveals Jones on the ground being looked after by a medical team as bodily harm was inflicted upon him.

There is no fake KARATE KID mentorship or CROUCHING TIGER wonderment. Just wholesome family entertainment as little kids and a giant are beat down by bad guys. Oh, and if you like girls fighting with flying papayas, this film is for you.

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