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By • Oct 25th, 2010 •

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Gleek(s). Definition: A person or a group of people that love all things GLEE. This new term has made its way into our vernacular and has cemented its place in pop culture. I have to say that after viewing the entire first season of this breakout hit show, I am a self-proclaimed “gleek”.

GLEE is a musical dramedy that follows Spanish teacher Will (Matthew Morrison) Schuester’s journey to reinvigorate and bring McKinley High School’s glee club back to its former glory. In order to receive funding from the school board, the glee club must win at the Sectionals competition and place at Regionals. This is no easy task as the glee club is full of the school’s most unpopular (though seemingly most talented) students. They are the underdogs of the school and nobody, not even the principal, believes that they have what it takes to make it to Regionals. Just as Will seems to lead his glee club in the right direction Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch), the cheerleading coach, derails his plans and his students. She doesn’t want glee club taking away money or glory from her precious “Cheerios”(the cheerleading squad). Sue despises Will, his hair, and all things glee. She manipulates the students and the school system in order to sabotage the glee club.

Of course all of the lies, manipulations, and the struggle to make it to Regionals is done with humor and yes…lots of songs and musical numbers complete with over the top costumes and choreography. My high school glee club sure never looked or sounded like the students at McKinley High. These kids make glee club cool, mixing their repertoire of classic musical theater pieces to singing the latest songs by some of today’s hottest music artists including, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, and Beyonce. They even dabble in the oldies-but-goodies including, Lionel Ritchie, Diana Ross, and Aretha Franklin. No song is off limits and each seems to fit the theme of the episode.

Right from the very first episode, we are pulled back into the social politics of high school. Who’s cool? The jocks and the cheerleaders. Who’s not? Anyone who does not fit into that role. What’s great about GLEE is that it brings the popular kids and the nerds together through music, through glee club. The only thing that matters is the music, placing at Regionals, and staying one step ahead of Sue Sylvester.

A series about high school students also must deal with issues of being a teen. GLEE doesn’t disappoint. It deals with sexuality, drugs, homosexuality, pregnancy, self-image, and relationships, all with humor, heart and a musical number.

GLEE, The Complete First Season is well worth taking a look at. Guest stars include Broadway alums Neil Patrick Harris, Kristin Chenoweth, and Idina Menzel. Other guest stars include Olivia Newton-John, Josh Groban, and Eve. There is even an entire episode dedicated to Madonna songs in which Jane Lynch performs a hilarious rendition of “Vogue”. It’s a must see. The special features on the discs are worth taking a look at as well. There are music videos of cast performances, cast video diaries, a dance boot camp, and much more.

Get with it and get with GLEE. Find your inner gleek. You won’t regret it.

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