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By • Jun 19th, 2010 •

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Awesome fun! Cruise is back and sexier than he’s ever been! And if you once loved him, you will again. Whatever your gender, you will want to be kissed by Tom Cruise.

Warning: This is a love letter to Tom Cruise.

KNIGHT AND DAY is a vehicle that puts movie star charisma on high octane display. This is how it is done. And Tom Cruise makes it look easy. This is Cruise surpassing his iconic Jerry Maguire character – he’s damn sexy (and all the women at the press screening agreed – the guys, not so much).

Directed by James Mangold, Cruise plays Roy Miller, a rogue super spy slipping past airport security by using innocent June Havens (Cameron Diaz) as a mule to carry a super something energy device that he slipped into her carry-on luggage.

Did you see the video on how airport baggage handlers open locked, checked luggage (openingabaggage.wmu)? All you need is a ballpoint pen! There is absolutely no evidence that your bag has been rifled through! It’s so easy that we will all have to buy new luggage or, what I will do, wrap duct tape around my checked bag!

Hey, wait a minute! Maybe the companies that manufacture those thermal shrink wrapping machines at airports are behind this exposé! It’s not cheap!

Ray knows his every move is being watched and filmed so when June goes to the bathroom on the plane, Ray kills the entire crew, the pilots and the killer passengers.

The CGI, stunts, and fight scenes are brilliantly executed. This is a movie to see again – especially since I missed (and you will too) 25% of the dialog.

James Mangold, who directed 3:10 TO YUMA (2007) with Russell Crowe and Christian Bale, knows how to direct movie stars. It is because, in my opinion, he loves his actors. As in 3:10 TO YUMA, his male stars exude virility and sex appeal. Who can forget how Mangold instilled homoeroticism into 3:10 TO YUMA with Ben Foster’s Charlie Prince obsession with Ben Wade?

In his scenes with Diaz, Cruise is – hot. That wild personality is on charming mature display and Diaz is as seduced by his craziness as we are. Who knew they could be such a terrific pairing? They must like each other personally, since their co-starring in VANILLA SKY, directed by awful Cameron Crowe, was a mistake.
Cruise is fearless here and is not playing it safe. Diaz abandons the need to look absolutely gorgeous – she’s a real person getting entangled by a high-functioning CIA-trained psychopath.

The supporting cast is perfect, especially Viola Davis and the perfectly humorless Peter Sarsgaard. Paul Dano as Simon Feck is a functionary character here but I still think of his brilliant work as Paul and Eli Sunday in THER WILL BE BLOOD.

And let us not forget the writer Patrick O’Neill who has given Cruise a new “Help me help you” tag line: “With me. Without me. With me. Without me.” And you will like the gag “How did I get into this bikini?”

Watch the sensational car chases through the beautiful capitals of the world and give high praise and acknowledgement to the technical crew.

And, when you see KNIGHT AND DAY, you will want to be kissed by Tom Cruise.

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  1. I, for one, will not be watching this movie.

    I thank you for your review. Tom Cruise lost it for me when he went over the Scientology slide. His money goes to support their organization which abuses people.

    Fun summer romp? Well, I’m glad that he can be amusing; too many people who Scientology are presently are abusing aren’t having such a fun summer.

  2. Ummm…intersting review. I’d rather see toy story 3.

  3. “And, when you see KNIGHT AND DAY, you will want to be kissed by Tom Cruise.”

    You’re assuming that everyone is hanging out to see this movie. Having seen reviews by people not on Cruise’s payroll I find it hard to believe you’re not being ironic with your over the top praise.

    This is yet another action movie by someone who should have moved on from the genre years ago. Even all the “sensational car chases through beautiful capitals of the world” aren’t going to save it.

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