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By • May 31st, 2010 •

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In a coma, on life-support. Not sexy, no story, ugly clothes, the women look horribly aged, but Max Ryan is sex in the desert. Insults a Muslim culture.

Carrie Bradshaw Preston (Sarah Jessica Parker) has been married to Big (Chris Noth – looking terrific!) for two years. He adores her and has given up his player lifestyle. He likes to stay home and watch old movies. He hates going out. Big likes being a castrated married man. Carrie and Big cannot have any children and she seems really upset about it – it is all she talks about. For Carrie, being married to Big is so dull!

Writer, producer, director Michael Patrick King has killed The Golden Goose.

I hated everything about it. Where do I begin?

If you wonder why I have not reviewed the movie’s story or the main characters “arc”, the reason is, to quote Gertrude Stein (in reference to Oakland, California) there is no there there.

Carrie’s new book on marriage is coming out and she is bored, Miranda’s (Cynthia Nixon) high-powered job is stressful since her boss hates her, Samantha (Kim Cattrall) is a Suzanne Somers anti-menopause diet fanatic, and Charlotte (Kristin Davis) hates being a mother to two adopted children, one being a constantly crying toddler. She does have a full-time, big-breasted young Danish nanny who goes bra-less! How they all suffer!

King must be a Suzanne Somers devotee. Her book is trotted out through SEX AND THE CITY 2. Samantha holds it up as if doing commercials for it.

Carrie decides to take two days away from Big when he buys her a flat screen TV for their bedroom for her birthday. What? No jewelry? So why is Carrie upset when Big thinks two days apart every week is a good idea? She initiated it!
With Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte speeding towards decrepitude, they join Samantha on a week-long, all expenses paid vacation to opulent, extravagant Abu Dhabi.

The Muslim country of Abu Dhabi is liberate-minded, but the women, especially Samantha, insist on insulting the culture and mocking the decency of the women behind veils.

I have traveled to many Muslim countries in Africa and the Middle East. I love the culture and the call to prayer. I’ve been to Morocco (where the movie was filmed) and the women have taken the headscarf and made it a masterpiece of fashion.

The headscarf has become an architectural feat. Every woman wears the headscarf as a fashion statement of superiority and individuality. The women cloaked all in black are fascinating. I brought several niqabs and veils in Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

Didn’t famed costume designer Patricia Field notice anything while in Morocco? Field could have brought the sensational headscarf to America! Instead, Field puts Carrie in a garbage can hat. The clothes may be expensive couture, but they are ugly. It looks like Field rummaged through hospital thrift stores (where people donate their recently deceased grandmother’s clothes).

(I’m not knocking it – I once found a great vintage top and a sweater covered with antique beads.)

The women of SEX AND THE CITY 2 are boorish snobs. It can finally be revealed – Michael Patrick King hates women and this movie proves it.

King also hates the gays. But Liza Minnelli is fabulous singing “Single Ladies”.

In a souk, Carrie runs right into Aiden (John Corbett) who is happily married with three small boys. At the end of a dinner, they kiss! Oh, the horror! Remember the good old days when it would have been a blazing, taboo affair right under Big’s prominent nose?

The women sing karaoke to “I Am Woman”. Is there anything else I can complain about? Oh, yes indeed!

Parker is the undisputed star and also an Executive Producer. So why does she allow the cinematographer, John Thomas, to cruelly film her as an aged anorexic? Did the makeup people intentionally shade her nose so it looks twice the size? Thomas photographed Parker, Nixon, and Cattrall under Third Degree interrogation lighting.

I must mention casting director Bernard Telsey who found, with Cattrall’s approval, Max Ryan. He is the sexiest thing in the movie and gives SEX AND THE CITY 2 a much-needed jolt of – in Carrie-speak – erotic “sparkle”.

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  1. Did you pay attention in the movie.. hello?! you there?
    Just from the first few sentences of what you wrote: Only one of charlette’s children are adopted, not both. It wasn’t Carrie’s BIRTHDAY when Big gave her the TV it was their anniversary…that’s as far as I needed to go in reading to figure out your lame ass didn’t watch the movie.

  2. Gosh, I must have seen a different “Sex and the City 2” because I can’t recall Carrie talking incessantly about being unable to have children. And there are other errors in the review as the previous poster pointed out.

    It wasn’t a brilliant movie and the writers seemed really stretched for a plotline, but it was a bit of fun and the 2.5 hours went very fast.

    Keep in mind that the reviewer is the same that thinks Knight and Day with desperate has-been Tom Cruise and constant screamer Cameron Diaz is a great movie. We’ll see which one brings in the bigger box-office takings.

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