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By • May 10th, 2010 •

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Like AVATAR, this is a fantasy. Skip this movie and read the poster. It is all there.

Skip this movie and read the poster. It is all there. Why is Hollywood promoting un-real stories of romance? The romance between Jake Sully and Neytiri makes more sense.

Within minutes of being artificially inseminated, pet store owner Zoe (Jennifer Lopez) meets “cute” a very handsome young man, Stan (Alex O’Loughlin). He instantly wants to know her and follows her around pretend-Manhattan. They spend a lot of time in the pouring rain. Zoe’s backstory is that she was a high-powered stockbroker who cashed in and brought a pet store. She has a disabled dog. She doesn’t work. Without any boyfriend prospects, Zoe decides she wants a baby! NOW!

Enter Stan – who owns and operates a big farm in upstate New York! He also sells his farm-made cheese at a farmer’s market in the city – but, he wants a college education! He’s had a bad marriage and a failed business as the owner of a B&B.

Zoe’s secret is that she is pregnant. Stan’s secret is he is going to night school. Quelle horreur!

Within weeks Zoe has to tell him she is pregnant with some anonymous guy’s frozen sperm.

Because Zoe is so wonderful, Stan wants to be her baby-daddy. He stays through nine months of no sex, vomiting, and a support group for single mothers. Not only Stan, but we have to suffer through this.

This dopey Jennifer Lopez vehicle lowered my I.Q., but Lopez looks good, young and accessible. These are clearly the most important things. Lopez needs a reason to go on talk shows. (I know what is next for Lopez – a children’s clothing line and book.)

Lopez was terrific in EL CANTANTE (2006) but nobody saw it. I guess us turnip-dwellers cannot recognize that most of the New York settings in THE BACK-UP PLAN were Warner Bros.’ Burbank back-lot sets.

See CITY ISLAND for authentic New York real estate.

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  1. I love this movie and I adore Alex O’Loughlin. I could watch him play Stan or any other part 24/7. Alex is a star.

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