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By • Mar 25th, 2010 •

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Is Aniston impervious to good scripts? Corny, predictable story, no chemistry between the stars and Aniston hides her face with her hair.

Only in Hollywood movies do people divorce on a selfish whim. Why not put people together who had a contentious, nasty divorce? There is absolutely no good reason why Nicole (Jennifer Aniston) and Milo (Gerard Butler) got married. No better reason why they divorced. Did Milo leave his clothes on the floor? Was Nicole smoking in bed? We are never told. All they do is reminisce about the good times they had together. Huh?

Anyhow, Daily News reporter-on-the-rise Nicole is on to a big story involving a supposed suicide and dirty cops. But, while getting a good lead on the story, she misses her court date for a traffic ticket (bad girl!) and a warrant is issued for her arrest. Nicole has a nerdy co-worker/stalker (Jason Sudeikis) and a boozy mother (Christine Baranski).

Just so happens Milo, who used to be a detective before becoming a lazy oaf, is now a bounty hunter!

If Nicole had stolen Milo’s parents’ life savings and blew it on craps, well, maybe his delight in sending her to jail would be realistic. Why is he gleeful about serving the warrant?

Like most of Butler’s romantic roles of late – I’m thinking of THE UGLY TRUTH with Katherine Heigl – the only way to play opposite his sexy slob man-whore is total disgust. Heigl was the perfect foible for Butler’s unshaven, loudmouth lout. But Butler’s quote is now too high for him to play the unromantic loser. Underneath that gruff bounty hunter is a lovesick puppy whimpering for another chance with his ex-wife.

Both Aniston and Butler have lousy hair. Aniston’s weave is set so low that half her face is hidden. You just watch her moving her hair around as a personal prop. Butler is given Julius Caesar bangs and lots of fake black hair. Don’t they do hair and makeup tests anymore?

I hope Aniston, who has now worked with two co-stars of her media nemesis Angelina Jolie (Butler was in LARA CROFT TOMB RAIDER: THE CRADLE OF LIFE and Vince Vaughn co-starred with Aniston in THE BREAK-UP and Jolie’s MR. AND MRS. SMITH), does not plan on doing a movie with Billy Bob Thornton.

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