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By • Mar 25th, 2010 •

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Sexy, erotic tale about how very rich people deal with infidelity.

Chloe (Amanda Seyfried) is one of those fantasy call girls who have a silly idealistic philosophy about their job. She brags about how skilled she is. To Chloe it’s a calling – like missionary work in a third world country.

Beautiful, wealthy, intelligent gynecologist Catherine (Julianne Moore) has everything except her husband’s attention. Her professor husband David Stewart (Liam Neeson) is a big flirt. They have an angry, talented teenage son Michael (Max Thieriot).

You would think Catherine has long ago accepted David’s flirting.

I have many men friends. One gentleman is a big flirt. But he flirts with everyone – so it doesn’t count. Another male friend is a flirt – I always tell his wife, “Your husband is flirting with me again!” She says: “Oh, he does that all the time! Just ignore him.”

Catherine has never had the nerve to tell David she hates his flirting with every waitress and college student he mentors. It’s her constant, silent suffering that has been going on for 20 years.

Catherine feels unloved, unattractive and old. Her fabulous house and successful career mean nothing to her. So what does she do when she thinks David is having an affair?

Catherine does what any sensible, wealthy woman would do. She hires a beautiful, young prostitute to meet her husband and tease him. Chloe likes the idea, sets it in motion and keeps meeting Catherine to tell her every nasty little detail. She also walks around naked.

The triangle takes a swift turn when Chloe seduces Catherine. Trying to end this new twist, Catherine ruthlessly dismisses Chloe with a personal check.

Moore, Neeson and Seyfried are all terrific. And the sexual tension between Moore and Seyfried is erotic and bold. While it is hard to see Moore playing a character that is miserable and unsure of her sexual attractiveness, she certainly captures the harsh, superior class status of her character when she rejects Chloe.

Seyfried doesn’t have to do any more DEAR JOHN weepy movies or second lead roles (JENNIFER’S BODY) as she now has stepped into siren territory. I’ll miss her on BIG LOVE but it’s great to see a young actress not playing it safe.

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