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By • Apr 29th, 2009 •

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All this talk about Mickey Rourke in THE WRESTLER. Don’t get me wrong, he was terrific in that film, devoid of the self-conscious mannerisms that marred his early career, and better than the film itself. But, in a very different, stylized performance, he was equally good here, a couple years earlier. The resurrection of Mickey had started before Aronofsky got a hold of him.

SIN CITY is a mixed bag, but there’s no denying it’s artistic vision and power. Several stories interweave into a noir nightmare, populated by pulp figures portrayed by pulp stars Bruce Willis, Michael Madsen, Rutger Hauer, and Rourke. Others, like Josh Hartnett, found themselves in good company, though Hartnett’s voice was not made for noir, and the others mentioned above, to one degree or another, were.

The up front typeface alert on the BluRay discs is most amusing. Depending on the capabilities of your player, you may experience 2-3 minutes of darkness while it loads; if it takes longer, check on your software. Reminds me of the warning that comes with Viagra, Ciallis and Levitra: You may experience a four-hour erection – if so, go to the nearest emergency room…

The BluRay discs don’t make their biggest mark in the visual department. As far as contrast levels go, blacks seem a bit darker, whites, a bit harsher – neither necessarily a good thing. At times the image looks like nitrate film – and that is a very good thing.

But where the BluRay really sails is on the sound track. There is a sweet, sharp separation to every instrument, more compelling than on the DVD. Voices have substantially more sting. And I sensed I was hearing more sound effects than I was dealt by the DVD.

The BluRay has a new supplement – ‘Kill ’em Good’ – which is an interactive game of sorts, using Rourke’s character as its protagonist. On the other hand, there’s no souvenir graphic novel in the box sleeve. Guess ya gotta get ’em both, to have it all.

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