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By • Jan 31st, 2009 •

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My writing partner on the Corman Poe book, Prof Sam Umland, nominated CAMP DAVID for the bloggers award entitled DARDOS, and gave some insightful and charming reasons why I should accept it which I have.

In keeping with the rules I must now nominate five blogs I feel deserve to be given this award for excellence in the genre of film appreciation.

Therefore I have selected the following for the DARDOS AWARD:

1} ACIDEMIC BLOG by Erich Kuersten

This is a blog filled with insight into film that will inform anyone who has the slightest interest in film history, past or present. I discovered Eric by reading a brilliant review he did for Tarentino’s DEATHPROOF and sent him a fan letter telling him how much I enjoyed his mind. The rest is history, and I even wrote an essay at his request. Erich is more than worthy of Dardos, and so say all of us.

2} THE WIT OF THE STAIRCASE – From the French esprit d’escalier.

This site is always interesting with insightful essays and think-pieces on domestic and foreign films that may make you re-evaluate the film you’ve just seen in a provocative new way.


This blog remains a must read as it never fails to bring little known aspects of film history to light along with current films discussed in detail that make it a must for those of us interested in keeping up with what is going on past and present in Cinema.


The ulitmate Joan Crawford blog…even to call it a blog is to deny the full force of what this site does to keep the memory and career of Joan Crawford alive in a positive way. The book MOMMY DEAREST did this great star severe damage when her daughter made public what may or may not be the true picture of Crawford as a mother. However as a star there can be no question, she was one of the greatest and this site proves it over and over again. One of my favorite sites online.


This is the definitive blog regarding the life and times of the amazing Francis Faye. I contributed to this a few years ago and Tyler has become a great friend in the process. An established artist and teacher, Tyler combines the best aspects of both art and entertainment in his world view. Once you log on to this blog you will not leave without appreciating the great Francis Faye, warts and all. And you are exposed to a fine painter as well.

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  1. is by far a better Joan Crawford website – you should check it out.

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