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By • Aug 1st, 2008 •

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A huge, disappointing crime drama. Duchovny and Anderson clearly still hate their iconic characters. The Amanda Peet Curse continues.
They just waited too long. No one cares anymore. It’s been ten years, people. Why was everybody holding out? Duchovny found work as a pet store spokesperson (he should thank God for Showtime!) and Anderson went to the U.K. and developed a serviceable English accent.
Like so many actors and actresses that begin to hate their “manufactured by others” personas, “X Files” series stars David Duchovny and Jillian Anderson have done everything they could to kill off their characters. But ten years is a long time to find a decent paying job. So, back they all went. Yes, movie stars hate to compromise, but the mortgage on the Malibu beach house has to be paid somehow.
When we first see long lost recluse Fox Mulder (Duchovny) he looks nothing like the iconic FBI special agent we loved and was fascinated by. He has a full two-tone bushy beard and, more significantly, he has lost his charm. Saintly Dr. Dana Scully (who knew she was a brain surgeon?) is angrier, and so totally fed-up I wanted to tell her to “chill-out”. Hunting creepy things is tough when you would rather be making hospital rounds and fighting hospital bureaucrats. 
Apparently, the FBI has lost Fox’s West Virginia address and only Dana can find him. An agent has gone missing and since a psychic, pedophile priest (is there any other kind? Not according to the writers.), Father Joseph Crissman (Billy Connolly), is giving good tips, Special Agent Dakota Whitney (Amanda Peet) goes searching for Fox via Dana. Special Agent Whitney needs Fox’s help on this one.
Would this story even have made it into the series? Even with removing any traces of E.T.’s from I WANT TO BELIEVE, there still were so many fantastic stories told on the series to have stolen from. Why this? Why is Dana Scully still repeating the same dialogue over and over again? Why is she so disgusted with the paranormal as if it was another boring day at the office? Why are they still calling each other by their last names?
There is absolutely no joy in this movie. Duchovny and Anderson are simply walking through their scenes. Their chemistry is nil. Connolly tries hard but looks like he’s acting. What can I say about the Amanda Peet Curse? It’s a Hollywood fact that putting her in a movie guarantees it flops.
It seems that the screenwriters just wanted to condemn the Catholic Church’s pedophile priests. Which is, of course, unforgivable except by God. However, if, with all the publicity over pedophile priests surfacing in the past decades, if a parent allows their 8-year-old son to go on an overnight camping trip with a priest, or hang out alone for hours with a priest, the parent is just as guilty as the offending priest.
And how does the silly story come together? Is there a satisfactory explanation for what happened? This is why, as Duchovny and Anderson can now rest assured, we will not be seeing Mulder and Scully again.

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