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By • May 15th, 2008 •

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“Where’s the proof?” That’s what the skeptics/debunkers always say when mindlessly pontificating about the validity of UFOs. Well, those skeptics just never watched Dr. Lynne Kitei’s documentary. This is a remarkable film of one woman’s determination to try and find answers to complex, but very real, issues.

Possibly the most important statement comes very early in the documentary – a title that goes, “Two Years Ago.” This points out a critical fact; contrary to popular belief, The Phoenix Lights, as they came to be known, was not a singular event. In reality, Dr. Kitei’s not only saw the massive event of March 13, 1997, she had been observing and documenting light phenomena for years before, and has continued to photograph them after the main event.

What’s different about Dr. Kitei is that she did not simply ignore these events, but instead went to great lengths to try and find some answers. In her brilliant documentary, many professional people and technical experts – who either observed the phenomenon firsthand, or were involved in the detailed scientific analysis of the evidence – provided testimony. A few, such as a commercial airline pilot, are blurred to protect their identity. That is not a bad idea as that industry goes to substantial efforts to remain at arms length even though thousands of incidents have been reported. However, the vast majority of those appearing and speaking out clearly note who they are.

The documentary leaves little doubt about the capabilities and sincerity of the witnesses and researchers alike. The range of participants includes doctors, law enforcement (including a 911 operator on duty that night), photographic analysts, flare experts, behavioral scientists, university administrators, and many more.

The reasons for personal concern are well detailed by Dr. Kitei. Among those interviewed is Frances Emma Barwood, a former vice major and city councilwoman in Phoenix. For merely raising the Phoenix Lights issue formally, she was vilified by the press and savaged in local editorial cartoons that led to her defeat when campaigning for reelection.

The most damning contradiction comes from the former Arizona Governor, Fife Symington. As the sitting governor, Symington held a press conference in which he had a worker dress up as an alien in order to poke fun at those who reported seeing the lights. This show of total disrespect for his constituency demonstrates how difficult it is to address truth in the UFO field. It was not until years later that, when appearing on Larry King Live, Governor Symington admitted that he had personally witnessed the events of March 13, 1997 and had no rational explanation.

Anyone who still believes the belated official explanation that some U.S. Air Force A-10 aircraft dropped flares that were mistaken by observers really needs to view this film. That over-simplistic explanation is put to bed. While the documentary only addresses the March 13 incident as it was seen close to Phoenix, in reality the event was far bigger.

The lights were first seen over Henderson, Nevada, then Kingman and Prescott, Arizona before coming over Phoenix. Those would have to have been some flares, and it is time for the skeptics to review all of the evidence. That includes comprehensive analysis of the composition and intensity of the lights themselves. Not flares.

The documentary contains both real footage of the Phoenix Lights, as well as substantial simulation to assist the viewer in understanding the events as described by witnesses. In all cases, the film is clearly marked so that the viewer can understand what is real and what is simulated. Actually, Dr. Kitei deserves credit for spending the money to include these effective computer graphics.

In addition to the main 84-minute presentation, the DVD contains several additional features, including a unique interview with Apollo 14 Lunar Astronaut Edgar Mitchell. The Larry King interview with Fife Symington is there as well. Other background material is also available on the disk.

For everyone who believes we are not alone, this documentary will help validate your thoughts. For those who don’t, I suggest you watch the film, and then reevaluate your position. By the way, the events aren’t over yet.

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  1. Anyone who was in the Military knows that the so called Phoenix Lights were flares dropped by military aircraft. In fact the video that was shown on the news channels clearly shows the flare hanging from a parachute with smoke rising from the flare, its only for a brief second that you can see the flare and parachute because the camera operator was out of focus for most of the video.

  2. Randall, what you saw was most like the military TRYING to re-enact the Phoenix Lights and FAILING!

    it is a sad commentary when people don’t look at the compelling data – including THIS internationally award winning Film, as well as the credible witness reports and authenticated 35-mm photographs that cannot be explained or denied – but feed into the dis-information that is rampant on the Internet.

    Whatever you watched WAS flares – but to be clear, was NOT what over 10,000 people witnessed silently glide over their heads at rooftop level, take off at blink speed, have orbs detach, go out into the environment, and then re-dock with the mile to 8 mile wide object (according to the Nat. UFO Reporting Center), split in two & shoot UP into the sky or disappear as Luke AF jets approached with after-burners at 8:30 pm over Central Phoenix, witnessed by civilians.

    Most important, flares cannot traverse in a rock solid, equidistantly space massive V thruout AZ, NV, NM & CA for over a dozen hours.In fact, after a 12 yr. meticulous study, it was concluded by investigators that there was a Parade of possibly 10 different giant CRAFT.

    Most telling, the TRUE UNKNOWNS called the “Phoenix Lights” were proved NOT to be flares when 3 ANG units “tried ” to re-enact the anomalies in a publicly announcement deployment on March 8, 2000. Their lame attempt failed dramatically – showing the typical flare characteristics you describe – and confirming once and for all that the Phoenix Lights were definitely NOT flares. To date the aerial anomalies have never been recreated or explained. Judge for yourself:

    It has been 20 years of intense research by multiple dedicated investigators, statements by thousands of first-hand witnesses & experts including military, pilots, University & military optical physicists, a 911 Phx police operator, the former Governor Symington (all in the Documentary), as well as air traffic controllers who reported the anomalousl phenomena hovering at 1,000′ altitude over Class B restricted airspace 2 months before AND during the historic 3.13.97 historic mass sighting. That’s right, the TRUE UNKNOWNS (including multiple mile wide ORB arrays, as well as multiple V, triangle, boomerang & even disc shaped CRAFT) were witnessed and documented on video & 35-mm film before, during and after the mass events on March 13, 1997.

    There is MUCH MORE to the Phoenix Lights story!

    It seems that with the 20th anniversary interest in the still unexplained Phoenix Lights mass sightings, the debunkers who want to divert attention away from the credible data are coming out en mass. For those who want to learn the TRUE facts, they are available, for your consideration, in the 2017 editions of the best-selling Phoenix Lights Book, this acclaimed Documentary, the new Phoenix Lights Graphic Novel/Coloring Book (all available on Amazon) and on the PHOENIX LIGHTS NETWORK website.

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