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By • May 2nd, 2008 •

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Misogynist billionaire, a woman who hangs on for 10 years, and an aristocratic fiancé with a very bad trait. He doesn’t like people taking bites of his cake. Summed up: Best friend takes his first wife.

MADE OF HONOR so offended me I don’t know where to begin. Men like Tom (Patrick Dempsey) who have dating rules (and keep finding women who put up with them), refuse to commit to any woman, never change. They are lousy husband material. Hannah (Michelle Monaghan) is smart enough to know this but she too has never had a serious relationship since meeting Tom in college.

Finally, peaking at 30, Hannah does find a suitable man, Colin McMurray (Kevin McKidd). Boy, is he a catch! He’s from an aristocratic Scottish family, gorgeous, well-hung, friendly, intelligent, kind, a good sport, and madly in love with Hannah. He wants to marry her in his ancestral castle and give their first-born son a title!

But he has two very serious flaws: He plays the bagpipes every night and doesn’t let Hannah pick at his food.

Ask any billionaire’s wife what she has to put up with and then sympathize with Hannah. (When the divorce gets nasty and the pre-nup is challenged, all the dirty, dirty laundry is revealed. Marrying a billionaire is not a walk in the park.)

When Colin comes to New York and Tom meets him, he suddenly gets competitive – he wants to marry Hannah.

So, it’s really a clever ruse orchestrated by Hannah.

Hannah asks Tom, her very best friend, to be her Maid of Honor and he agrees. Now he is in the right position to ruin her engagement and hook up with her himself.

You will never guess what happens and who gets left at the altar.

I hate, hate these movies. Can you imagine how selfish and callous someone has to be to dump another person AT THE ALTAR? What made MY BEST FRIEND’S WEDDING so terrific was the fact that this did not happen. No one was cruelly dumped.

Hannah never was in love with Colin. She was cruel to agree to a huge royal wedding and then back out. (Princess Diana is said to have wanted to back out of her marriage to Prince Charles but it was too late.)

Tom should have looked at Colin and what he offered his best friend and been happy for her. Instead, he decided to make her his first wife.

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