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Jack Gerlach and Michael Horn’s film “The Silent Revolution of Truth” is fascinating and a thorough examination of highly controversial UFO contactee Billy Meier and his claims about lifelong contact with ETs. I’ll admit it, I found it compelling.

Why ET’s have chosen Billy Meier and not me (or you, for that matter) is a legitimate question. The ET’s may have been watching Billy since he was five years old, but that hasn’t made his life a charmed one. Going into the future he never brought Microsoft or Yahoo stock. If only Meier had gone a few years into the future he might have been able to prevent 9/11 or saved Baghdad (it’s a pile of rubble now, but it used to be a Cradle of Civilization) from invasion.

Instead, having a Plejaren (more accurately, an Erran, from the planet Erra in the Pleiades) guide named Ptaah as his first contact, had not enhanced Billy’s life. In fact, he lost an arm in a silly accident and eked out a living. A few financial predictions would have certainly helped Meier’s Mission in Life as a “Special Friend”.

If only the Plejarens could have whispered the name Osama bin Laden into Billy’s ear. So the ETs don’t give a damn about the U.S. But what about closer to home? Meier could have become the President of Europe had he been tipped off about France’s Societe Generale rogue trader losing more than 7 billion dollars.

Maybe international finance means nothing to them. Can Meier’s ET mentors locate Paul Cézanne’s The Boy in the Red Vest and Edgar Degas’s Count Lepic and His Daughters recently stolen from the E.G. Bührle Foundation in Zurich, Switzerland? Billy would become a national hero!

Perhaps Semjase (drawing below) is more interested in mathematics. The Millennium Prize Problems are seven problems in mathematics that were stated by the Clay Mathematics Institute in 2000. Currently, six of the problems remain unsolved. A correct solution to each problem results in a $1,000,000 prize being awarded by the institute.
Imagine if Clay Mathematics had to award $1,000,000 to an ET from the Pleiades!

Just imagine the Award Ceremony!

Why not have one of Billy’s friends, such as Pleija, solve The Riemann Hypothesis – it’s been pondered over for 100 years. Therefore, it must be important.

To help Pleija, here is a quick rundown of the problem: The Riemann hypothesis is that all nontrivial zeros of the Riemann zeta function have a real part of 1/2. A proof or disproof of this would have far-reaching implications in number theory, especially for the distribution of prime numbers. This problem is still considered an important open problem.

Perhaps the Errans are not so keen on prime numbers. What about the Yang-Mills Theory?
In physics, classical Yang-Mills theory is a generalization of the Maxwell theory of electromagnetism where the chromo-electromagnetic field itself carries charges. As a classical field theory it has solutions which travel at the speed of light so that its quantum version should describe massless particles (gluons). However, the deictic phenomenon of color confinement permits only bound states of gluons, forming massive particles. This is the mass gap. Another aspect of confinement is asymptotic freedom which makes it conceivable that quantum Yang-Mills theory exists without restriction to low energy scales. The problem is to establish rigorously the existence of the quantum Yang-Mills theory and a mass gap.

So there you have it. Forget photos of wedding cake saucers, blurry photos of Semjase (face covered by hair), and her drawing of the true Jesus, Jmmanuel-Jesus. Let’s get busy solving some things that would definitely prove that communication with an advanced civilization has taken place.

Billy Meier outclasses Albert Einstein!

These Errans reside in a dimension that is a fraction of a second in the future from our dimension (an alternate timeline). But where is the evidence? The Plejarens have given plenty: Highly detailed photography, videos, multi-toned sound recordings, metal alloy samples, and the temporary use of a weapon, which Billy employed for trial on a tree.
But I want something more.

My dear friend Hal Puthoff, Ph.D. would ask a very easy question of galactic travelers: “Where do we look for the next supernova?” So simple, so elegant!

For all the naysayers out there, Meier has been given a title. He is Mankind’s last prophet. He is now the Prophet of the (Dawning) Golden Age of Knowledge.

When Ptaah died too soon at the age of 900, beautiful Semjase took over. World famous Semjase doesn’t fool around with platitudes and warnings for us to “save our planet”. Semjase drew a pencil drawing of ET human criminal “god” of the Old Testament, the jealous and wrathful Jehovah “the Cruel, the Unjust”. Not too many would contradiction Semjase. A drawing of Jehovah? Now that’s new material.
Also revealed by Billy is the discovery of the Talmud Jmmanuel, the 2,000 year-old document, which is considered to be so heretical that it threatens the very foundation of all the major religions. And then there is Jmmanuel, who was given the false name “Jesus Christ”. Billy also has photos of the actual tomb of the crucifixion.
“The Silent Revolution of Truth” is 94 minutes with the special features running 38 minutes. I really liked the first special feature, wherein someone discusses our universe, the Dern Universe, and the parallel universe, the Dal Universe.

While I would counsel Billy to set the world on fire by solving not one, but all six, remaining Millennium Problems, I must say that I believe contact is possible. I’m ready to volunteer as a spokesperson. I’m here to serve.

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