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By • May 1st, 2007 •

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2007 Edgewood Studios

“An American Cousin” is only famous because it’s the stage comedy Abraham Lincoln watched at his assassination. Allied Artists’ 1963 battle drama, WAR IS HELL is only noted for being the film Lee Harvey Oswald snuck into when he was caught by Dallas police. ILLEGAL ALIENS will only be noted as the last film appearance by the late Anna Nicole Smith.

ILLEGAL ALIENS centers on three extraterrestrial shape-shifting crime-fighters who land on earth and take the form of very sexy young women. Anna Nicole Smith is one of these aliens and she plays her famed ditsy starlet persona beyond the hilt here. In fact, that’s how every gag is played here. If Zucker and Abrahams used film to tell their jokes in movies like AIRPLANE and TOP SECRET, director David Giancola uses the medium here to scream and yell his gags. As a side-note, Giancola works exclusively out of his Vermont production studio. He used to film weddings, funerals, etc, but quit all that after a furious mother of the bride screamed at him for not filming the catered food. (This has nothing to do with this movie, I just found it funny.)

One has to commend Anna Nicole Smith for self-satire, playing up the dizzy blonde crime-fighter, but she needed control-direction. One wonders what the film set must have been like. During the movie, Smith and her co-stars step out of character and become irate, bored cast members. While it’s a sinful tragedy what happened to the delightful Ms. Smith (solid proof Hollywood loves devouring its young!), I always think of my own near encounter with Anna. Around 1998, I was co-producing a short film where the producer wanted a sexy starlet to make a cameo. I tried many names, including Anna Nicole Smith. After a week, I get a call from a major modeling agency “Ms. Smith is no longer represented by us…. THANK GOD!”

Produced by Mary Beth French and A.M Grant
Written by Ben Coello
Directed by David Giancola

Cast: Anna Nicole Smith, Joanie Laurer, Mike Keppel, Lenise Soren.

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