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By • Apr 19th, 2007 •

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(Sinister Cinema) 1960, 81 Minutes, Black and White, Not Enhanced For 16×9 Monitors.

The cinema archeologists over at Sinister Cinema never fail to amaze collectors by digging up and rediscovering another lost gem of forgotten cinema, be it over 50 years ago or just a few years past, they keep the torch lit and deserve the credit . For fans of Peter Cushing, Sinister Cinema has kindly given us a much talked about non-Hammer Film the British actor appeared in, a non horror story as well, that now has a chance to be viewed by lovers of obscure motion pictures.

THE RISK (released in the U.K. as “Suspect”), is a tight, well-written drama dealing with the moral dilemma of the right of government authority to repress a benevolent medical discovery that could be equally used for evil if it fell in the wrong hands. The scientists, headed by Tony Britton and Peter Cushing, are bound by Britain’s Official Secrets Act which monitors all government projects and how or if they should be made public. The scientist’s viewpoint is that all knowledge should be given to humanity, even if there is a risk that a discovery can be perverted. The other actors: Virginia Maskall, Ian Bannen (as the bitter veteran Alan Andrews. Bannen would later achieve notice for his talent in THE HILL in 1965), Thorley Walters (in a serious role here) and Donald Pleasence are convincing in their various roles.

Director/Producers John and Roy Boulting filmed this project as a streamlined, almost television movie (after achieving success with the brilliant SEVEN DAYS TO NOON (1950), comedies – I’M ALRIGHT JACK and THE MAN IN THE COCKED HAT – both released in 1959) by using few sets and location shooting. The film was released with excellent reviews in “The New York Times”, “The New York Daily News” and “The New York Journal American”.

The 16mm print source used by Sinister Cinema does have a few spots of wear at the reel changes, and the audio is at times a bit weak, but the overall print is very, very good when you consider how obscure this film is. It will not wear on the viewers’ nerves as you get pulled into the story and the wonderful acting. The film can be obtained from Sinister Cinema P.O. Box 4369 Medford, Oregon 97501-0168. Phone 541-773 6860. Fax 541-779-8560.

Tony Britton, Virginia Maskell, Peter Cushing, Ian Bannen, Raymond Huntley, Thorley Walters, Donald Pleasence, Spike Milligen, Kenneth Griffith.

Directed and Produced: John and Roy Boulting. Screenplay: Nigel Balchin, from his novel: “A Sort Of Traitor”. Dialouge: Jeffrey Dell, Roy Boulting. Director Of Photography: Max Greene. Camera: Peter Allwork. Makeup: Freddy Williamson. Music: Chopin and Schriabin, arranged by John Wilkes. Editor: John Jympson. Released by British Lion (UK). Kingsley International (US).

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