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By • Mar 31st, 2006 •

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QUOTE: Okay, it’s awful. But I liked it. Stone “acts” (if you want to call it that) with a campy sneer as Morrissey heroically carries the movie. Rampling is a goddess.

Let’s start right off with the awful stuff. We are constantly reminded about Catherine Tramell’s (Sharon Stone) “What are you going to do? Charge me with smoking?” line from BASIC INSTINCT. It’s the movie’s chorus.

At 48 years old (isn’t she 10 years older?), Stone has taken to delivering every line of dialogue as if she were giving Mae West line readings. Thankfully, it is 41 year old David Morrissey who carries the movie. Stone sneers and talks dirty. Okay, she’s a hoot.

“BASIC INSTINCT 2 has taken 14 years to make it to the screen. After nearly every Hollywood male star was mentioned and none signed on, Stone finally got a sexy, strong, strapping co-star, David Morrissey (you might wonder why him, but he’s got it) and a suitable director, Michael Caton-Jones. Caton-Jones makes Stone look good, but the true sex goddess of BI2 is Charlotte Rampling (see her 2003 film SWIMMING POOL.)

Rough sex, erotic asphyxiation, junk orgies, and Tramell getting slapped and strangled. But what happened to the girl-on-girl action?

Instead of making widely quoted imperial demands and holding out for a huge salary, Stone should have taken her loot and personally dangled big bucks in front of Quentin Tarantino to direct the sequel. BASIC INSTINCT’s director Paul Verhoeven has refused to work with Stone again (“She’s a liar.”), but what about her CASINO director, Martin Scorsese? These two directors have been the only ones able to get a natural performance out of Stone.

Where is the sex scene between Tramell and Dr. Milena Gardosh (Rampling)? Now that would have been hot! The U.S. ‘R’ version has no Tramell-goes-both-ways scenes. The New York Post’s Liz Smith says “.the European version of BI2 is far more graphic, Sharon is more naked, there’s more sex. It’ll probably all turn up on the director’s DVD cut.” Apparently, all the NC-17 deleted scenes are already online. The first clip up is a bisexual threesome scene with Sharon Stone dancing around, exposing her lopsided breasts.

“Lopsided implants?” Stone has furiously and constantly denied having ANY plastic surgery. She even brought a lawsuit again cosmetic surgeon Dr. Renato Calabria who made false claims she had undergone a vertical face-lift (which he pioneered). If Stone has not had extensive plastic surgery she either (1) sold her soul to Satan, (2) her surgeon worked on her in his basement and then killed himself, or, my personal preference (3) she’s not from Earth. She is from another planet where nothing ages.

BI2 opens with Catherine Tramell speeding through London in an expensive race car (hopefully, it’s not hers) with a black footballer star. He’s “servicing” her with his fingers, though he is clearly out of it on some drugs. They crash and, ending up in a river, Catherine saves herself. Now Scotland Yard detective Roy Washburn (David Thewlis) wants troubled psychiatrist Dr. Michael Glass (Morrissey) to evaluate her. Washburn has a you-know-what for Tramell. Glass, freshly divorced and being hounded by a investigative reporter, does a fine job summing up Catherine in court. She is intrigued by his grasp of her aberrant “risk addiction” and wants to go into therapy with him.

But Catherine is just slumming it. She knows Glass has ethics but he can be seduced. She drives him crazy with jealously. He becomes sexually obsessed with her. He can’t help it. She talks dirty to him. When she finally gets him in bed, she whips out the leather belt and gives him the biggest orgasm of his life. For pre-teens, it’s called “scarfing.”

This being a formula movie, is Tramell guilty of anything? Who is really killing off everyone around Tramell? It’s all open to personal post-viewing interpretation, after you have finished commenting on Stone’s perfect face, the nude scenes, the embarrassing scene in Glass’s office, and her lopsided smile.

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