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By • Nov 16th, 2005 •

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This picaresque film by Neil Jordan traces the protagonist, ‘Nancy Boy,’ born of an Irish Lass (Eily Bergin) and an Irish priest (Liam Neeson) and raised by an Irish pub owner (Ruth McCabe), and her daughter.

Cillian Murphy plays the ‘Nancy Boy,’ Patrick “Kitten” Braden, who dresses up in girl’s clothes, and applies lipstick to his lips at a very early age.

He is thrown out of Catholic School, and decides to go to London to find his birth mother. On the way, he befriends Irish Republican Army rebels, an Irish rock band, a magician (Stephen Rea), a bombed out London dance club (he is blamed because he is male and Irish) and a peep show of which he is the main attraction.

BREAKFAST ON PLUTO seriously examines conservative Ireland, which doesn’t move faraway from worshiping the Catholic Church. It also examines the anger of the Irish people for having been dominated by the English for so many years.

“Kitten” Braden is the one creative investigative force of the film. Murphy gives a strong, un-caricatured performance as the searcher of truth, which ploughs through destruction of the Catholic Church by its parishioners, and the destruction of an English Pub.

The moral of the story is to become your self at all costs, no matter what the danger may be. To find your self is worth pain and sorrow.

The film has a great soundtrack, which moves along with all of the changes “Kitten” goes through to discover his/her self.

Director: Neil Jordan
Producers: Alan Moloney, Neil Jordan, Stephen Wooley
Prod. Co.: Pathe Pictures
Screenplay: Neil Jordan, Patrick McCabe
Photography: Declan Quinn
Editor: Tony Lawson
Prod. Design: Tom Conroy
Costumes: Eimer Ni Mhaoldomhnaigh

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