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By • Nov 19th, 2004 •

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A Simian Tales Production / 83 minutes

Joe Fabled (Desmond Askew) is restless, lonely, and troubled. He’s coming unglued. His dog and girlfriend left him. He’s begun to think there is a conspiracy against him instigated by his psychiatrist, Dr. Frumkes (Michael Panes), who he suspects is sleeping with his girlfriend Liz (Catherine Winnick). There’s a memo circulating at work about him. His friend, Alex (J. Richey Nash), may be involved, or else he’s simply guilty of something. Are there monsters following him or is Fabled slipping into madness?

Written, directed, and edited by Ari Kirschenbaum, FABLED is an assured, sophisticated and confident debut. Working with a small cast and limited budget does not obscure Kirschenbaum’s obvious talent. FABLED is beautifully photographed and is directed with a strong hand. With an independent film’s budget, Kirschenbaum crafted a clever, streamlined script without any noticeable constraints. It’s nice to see a film where every scene has been clearly thought out, purposefully designed and meant to visually give us information. The only problem I had with the film was the reading of a short story about a wolf and crow that was way too long – it bogged down the film.

Somebody give this kid real money and let him show what he can do.

FABLED was executive produced by Bruce Kischenbaum and FIR’s Roy Frumkes. I asked Roy if it was appropriate for me to review FABLED. “No one would ever accuse you of not speaking your mind. Say whatever you want,” was Roy’s reply.

Joe Fabled: Desmond Askew
Alex: J. Richey Nash
Liz: Katheryn Winnick
Dr. Frumkes: Michael Panes

Writer, director, editor: Ari Kirschenbaum
Director of Photography: Yaron Orbach
Casting: Liz Lang Fedrick and Sig de Miguel
Music: Simple Simon and Jack Lingo
Producers: Peter I. Sabat and Rob Bellsey
Executive Producers: Bruce Kirschenbaum and Roy Frumkes

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