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By • Sep 10th, 2004 •

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Films promising cool special effects, lots of action and babes draw in enormous crowds. A film promising the meshing of quantum physics, scientists, and mystics may send the masses packing the other way. However, audiences should stop and take in this fast-paced, informative and highly visual debate as to what we are doing here on earth.

When WHAT THE #$*! DO WE KNOW doesn’t focus on interviews with scientists and mystics pondering explanations about what is out there in the universe, it follows an average week of Amanda, an on-the-go Oregon based news photographer. Amanda is played by Academy Award Winning Actress Marlee Matlin. Ms. Matlin was rendered deaf in infancy by a bout of Roseola Infantum. Since her Oscar win, she has worked as an actress and producer, and has tirelessly campaigned for deaf people.

Ms. Matlin doesn’t aim for expected pathos in her role as Amanda. Without losing her cool, she argues with her editor when assigned to photograph a bland wedding. She allows a pre-teen basketball player to give his thoughts about the universe (His dialog and the terrific visuals that go along will grab you)

If you took any Theology or Physics college classes, think of those lectures spiced with sparkling visuals, humor and speed. That’s WHAT THE #$*! DO WE KNOW, a fun thoughtful movie that refuses to take itself too seriously.

Marlee Matlin (Amanda)
Elaine Hendrix (Jennifer)
Barry Newman (Frank)
Robert Bailey, Jnr (Reggie)

Directed by William Arntz
Betsy Chasse
Mark Vicete
Written by William Arntz
Betsy Chasse and Matthew Hoffman

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