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By • Mar 9th, 2004 •

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Unapix, 1997

Aimed mostly at pre-teens, The Adventures Of Young Brave moves along quickly. Film fanatics will notice that it is richly photographed, looking almost like old-style Technicolor.

During the late 1800’s, a young Indian, Horton Laughing Feather (Raoul Trujillo) is murdered by a shady prospector he is guiding through the woods. We flash forward to the present day where the murder site is now the location for a horror/western being produced by the hard-as-nails Isadora (Barbara Carrera). Working on the crew is Tyler (Dirk Benedict), a recently divorced man who brings his imaginative daughter Amelia with him to the set. Amelia doesn’t care for the tyrannical Isadora, or for Isadora’s attraction to Tyler. Amelia accidently brings forward the spirit of Laughing Feather. Laughing Feather helps Amelia find a long lost treasure, while taking breaks to annoy Isadora.

There are some great bits throughout this film. When Mandy asks Laughing Feather why he acts so inane and hyperactive, he explains his spirit was trapped in the mascot for a Seattle Grunge band. Barbara Carrera who was the Bond girl in Never Say Never Again almost twenty years ago, has retained her good looks, and has also retained a wonderful sense of humor. Not only is she great to look at, (the costume department gave her some great primary-colored outfits), she is a real hissable villain, and at times, the perfect foil for the on-screen shenanigans.

The video box has a neat hologram cover of Horton Laughing Feather turning into an eagle. Other than some slow spots in the plot, and the sets looking terribly clean and fake, this is a fun little movie that doesn’t surrender to the expected cuteness of a children’s film.

Directed by Harry Bromley Davenport
Produced by Peer J. Oppenheimer
Written by Elke Petersen Rudman & Sonia Zyvatkauskas

Ashley Peldon,
Raoul Trujillo,
Zachary Browne,
Dirk Benedict,
Barbara Carrera

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