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By • Feb 27th, 2004 •

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Fox Searchlight presents a Cataland Films production, a Broken Lizard film
R-Rated / 103 minutes

Insufferable. Who is Broken Lizard and why are these middle-aged guys making a teen camp/slasher movie starring themselves?

Oh, I get it! Broken Lizard signed a group “Your-Soul-For-Fame” contract with Satan.

CLUB DREAD is written by Broken Lizard, a five-man “comedy” team. Director Jay Chandrasekhar also stars as Putnam Livingston, an East Indian tennis coach with holy man fakir hair and phony British accent. I’ll say this for Chandrasekhar, he certainly does not favor his performance. He has terrible dialogue and looks around 40 years old. He doesn’t get to make out with his 105 lb. young co-stars. And he has badly lit close-ups!

A large gang of drunk and horny teens descend on Coconut Pete’s Pleasure Island where 70’s pop star Coconut Pete (Bill Paxton) presides over an orgy of drinking and hoped-for sex. Pete sings a bunch of terrible songs. The songs are not clever. They are just crummy, lazily-written, awful songs. Also fresh on the island is big Lars (Kevin Heffernan), the new masseur with magic fingers.

Regardless of the fact that a machete-wielding killer is loose on the island, Coconut Pete wants things to go exactly as planned. His staff is being picked off one at a time. But hell, let’s party, dude! Every member of the staff is suspect: Juan Castillo (Steve Lemme), the South American dive master, Sam (Erik Stolhanske), of the Fun Police, Jenny (Brittany Daniel), the water-starved fitness instructor, Penelope (Jordan Ladd), the waitress, and Dave (Paul Soter), the drug contact on the island.

The acting is bad and the entire movie has not one funny bit in it. Audiences will suffer more through this than THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST.

Director: Jay Chandrasekhar
Screenwriter: Broken Lizard
Producer: Richard Perello
Executive producers: Lance Hool, Peter E. Lengyel
Director of photography: Lawrence Sher
Production designer: Benjamin Conable
Editor: Ryan Folsey
Costume designer: Melissa Bruning
Music: Nathan Barr
Music supervisors: Christopher Covert, Barry Cole

Coconut Pete: Bill Paxton
Putnam Livingston: Jay Chandrasekhar
Lars: Kevin Heffernan
Juan Castillo: Steve Lemme
Dave: Paul Soter
Sam: Erik Stolhanske
Jenny: Brittany Daniel
Hank: MC Gainey
Penelope: Jordan Ladd

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