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BROOKLYN SOUTH: The Complete Series

By • Oct 28th, 2003 •

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(A&E) 19/22/97-4/27/98.
6 Discs / 22 episodes / Approx 16 hrs. 30 mins.

This is the first and only season of BKLYN SOUTH, a tv series co-produced by David Milch, whose commentary track appears on the superb pilot episode. It’s one of the best commentaries of ’03, informative and fun. “There’s Yancy Butler. She went on to become Slingblade…er, Witchblade.” Milch comes across as very much the real thing, in voice and attitude: they didn’t need to go far to get a sense of researched verisimilitude into either this or his other show which was running concurrently at the time this one tanked – NYPD BLUE.

Willing to be honest, Milch, who is a hands-on guy, admits to having suffered a case of ‘hubris’ in thinking he could produce two series simultaneously, filmed on two different lots, and when the time came to argue with the studio execs to give this one another season to build its audience, he just didn’t have the energy. That’s his albatross, but one of the film’s guest stars, James Lorinz (episodes 3 & 4) sees it differently: the show premiered within weeks of the Amidou Dialo toilet-plunger incident, and that tragic stain on the department took place in the Brooklyn South’s 74th Precinct. As Lorinz (not on the commentary track) sees it, after that they never had a chance.

Whatever the cause of the series’ demise, it is beautifully shot and art directed, with a SOPRANOS-like sense of character realism. And it’s strong material: the debut episode was the first TV program ever to earn a “mature” rating. It also earned an Emmy and, though uneven, the honor was deserved. As the season progressed, a creeping sense of script sloppiness and subplot logic problems appeared, both of which straighten out several episodes later, so stick with it.

Special Features:
Commentary with Co-creator David Milch on the Pilot Episode.
Steven Bochco interview.
Police Radio response codes.

Jon Tenney,
Michael DeLuise,
Gary Basaraba,
James B. Sikking,
Yancy Butler,
Titus Welliver,
Klea Scott,
Patrick McGaw,
Richard T. Jones,
Adam Rodriguez,
Dylan Walsh.

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