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By • Apr 16th, 2003 •

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Urban Works Entertainment

For fans of West Coast gangster rap, Mack 10 pulls out all the stops for his latest DVD. Mr. Mack and a crew of Dr. Dre/Snoop Dogg protégé’s joke and rhyme about the usual topics on every true gangster’s mind these days; girls, guns, and cadillacs. Our story begins with the usual shots of half naked and completely naked girls, leaving me thinking I had mistakenly put in a ‘Girls Gone Wild’ disc. I was disappointed, though, when we then jumped to the main sequence, a Mack 10 show at the House of Blues, along with Ice Cube and a host of other West Coast rappers.

The home video style in which the entire disc is presented leaves much to be desired. The sound is poorly mixed: heavy beats and smooth bass lines reminiscent of Dr. Dre’s sound circa 1991 completely drown out Mack and co.’s vocals.

The show has somewhat of an Altamont feel to it, when a fight between a dozen audience members breaks out. However, the violence is treated so passively by the audience, and as they continue to pummel each other, absolutely no one tries to stop them. Mack and Cube do not miss a beat during this conflict, simply ignoring it and moving on with their set.

There is little difference between any kind of music oriented DVD that comes out these days. Whether it’s a rock band or a rapper like Mack 10, it’s really all the same; sex, drugs, and cars. While Mack and crew use enough profanity to make GOODFELLAS look like SNOW WHITE, beneath all the acting is a bunch of friends just trying to have a good time. If that includes waving guns around and showing off jewelry, this is for you.

A word about the insane amount of violence in the disc: I have taught in an inner city schools for three years, and nine out of ten students, of either African- American or Latino descent, are raised by their mothers. If you were emasculated every day by a woman, you would worship someone waving a gun around too. However, children do not see where the illusion of acting and entertaining ends and the reality of trying to sell product begins.

For fans who, “can’t get enough of that gangsta sh*t,” this is for you. All others need not apply.

Mack 10
Ice Cube
Dub C
MC Eight

Producer: David Green
Executive Producer: Mack 10

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