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By • Dec 21st, 2001 •

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(Central Park Media)

This two-disc DVD package presents an extremely rare archive of videos and films taken of UFOs over a period of five decades. The DVD format is unique and valuable as it allows serious researchers and interested ‘civilians’ to freeze individual frames with a clarity not previously possible. The material was originally released on VHS format titled “UFO: The Footage Archives.” The video version does have a fifth volume that contains additional new footage taken since this DVD edition which ends as of 1997.

The producer is Michael Hesemann, a German researcher who has traveled all over the world in search of good UFO data (Hesemann’s co-producer and fiancée is Natalia Zahradnikova). A prolific author, Hesemann has written many books that appear in several languages, and publishes a magazine devoted to these topics called ‘2000 Plus’. He is also a noted religious scholar with an amazing breadth of knowledge of early Christianity. Hesemann’s latest book details his extensive analysis of the title emblem placed upon Jesus Christ’s cross. He often travels with Pope John Paul II and was instrumental in obtaining from Roman prelate Monsignor Balducci information related to UFOs and extraterrestrial life. Those comments have now been widely circulated in the UFO community and are as close to official commentary as is currently allowed by the Vatican.

Ultimate UFO! The Complete Evidence is also unique in the completeness of the evidence that is presented. When watching UFO programs on television, viewers must note that there seems to be a very limited set of good sequences that have been captured on film and video. What Hesemann has done with this DVD is to greatly expand the material available. In presenting this volume of material, inevitably some fake footage is included. It is up to the viewer to determine which is definitely real and which is clearly faked. However, those familiar with the UFO topic will have a pretty good idea. More complex are those cases for which the verdict is still out.

It should be noted that this is not a DVD designed for home entertainment. You won’t want to gather your friends together for a lively Saturday night UFO party and watch this. There is no story line and the discs run for 5 hours and 38 minutes. It is a series of events captured on film or videotape, generally presented in linear progression from 1947 through 1997. There are 250 clips taken from 26 countries covering all of the populated continents. In addition there are those taken from space-based systems such as NASA’s Gemini, Apollo, and Discovery missions.

For anyone who has an abiding interest in the UFO topic, Ultimate UFO! The Complete Evidence is a must to own. It will provide you the clearest shots that you will see anywhere. No video can match this format.

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