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By • Jun 1st, 2001 •

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You’re short, you’re hairline is receding, you look like your wrestling 40, you’ve got below-average looks and you can’t act. You want to be a movie star. You’ve got one thing going for you: Adam Sandler likes you.

THE ANIMAL is a cinematic anachorism: it’s a vehicle that is better than its star, Rob Schneider. The story, the supporting players, the director, the cinematographer, and the production designer all work to put together a charming and funny movie. The start-off is the now-standardized misunderstood geek formula: born loser Marvin is constantly de-masculinized by co-workers, children, other people’s pets and a bully at work (in this case, a pumped-up cop played by John C. McGinley, who is too old to play this role. I know, cast older and your star looks younger, but here it just comes off weird. McGinley’s character would have come to terms with his homosexual rage by the time he hit 45, right?) Schneider does have one thing working for him. He can look vulnerable and forlorn. He’s building a pretty solid career on it. Marvin gets into a really bad accident and is rescued by an unorthodox “doctor” who rebuilds him with animal parts. By the time Marvin meets up with Rianna (Colleen Haskell, who is quite good in an easy, naturalistic way), his animal instincts are in full bloom. It’s all silly and clever and doesn’t let us down.

Unfortunately for us, ROAD TRIP’S DJ Qualls doesn’t know Adam Sandler.

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