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By • Jan 30th, 2001 •

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From the heart of Soul to Rock and Roll, The Isley Brothers can still get an audience moving just as they have since their first major hit record in 1959. Most will remember their hit single “Shout,” which was cranked out at full volume as the closing number and leaving the capacity crowd dancing in the isles.

As we’ve mentioned before, when in Las Vegas, be sure to check and see what’s happening at Sam’s Town Live!. This is yet another example of the quality entertainment that can be found off The Strip. It’s always worth both the trip and the price.

Now entering their fifth decade of public performances, The Isley Brothers have a wealth of easily recognized material to draw on as they take you down memory lane. Judging from the exuberant reactions, the audience seemed to be responding both to the music and the personal memories evoked by the meaningfulness of the lyrics. The row behind us sang every word to every song.

Backed by seven talented musicians and the lovely Johnson Sisters, Ronald Isley carries the show with a vocal range to make younger men envious and women quiver. While many singers at his age (Ronald was born in 1939) drop the high notes, Ronald takes them higher with seemingly inexhaustible energy. The M.C. introduced it as a ninety minute show, but Ronald pushed the music for a full two hours.

Of note is a nimble dancer, going by the stage name Aurora, who first enters in a sexy black outfit while Ronald sings their famous hit, “Who’s That Lady?” Luckily for the men in the audience she reappears on several occasions, each time in another provocative costume. One has to admire Aurora’s athletic prowess and obvious self-discipline to stay away from the dinner table. Has that girl been working out or what?

Speaking of audience participation, this show added a new twist. They had members of the audience get hold of the mike and perform. I don’t mean just grunt through a few off-key words, they got into it. In fact, they were so good, and clearly accomplished, that one has to wonder if they were plants. If not, there must be a lot of unrecognized talent in the Las Vegas area! This segment really brought an added excitement to the show.

From “If You Can’t Be With the One You Love, Love the One You’re With”, to “I Got Work to Do,” and “Take Me to the Next Phase,” Ronald Isley, bedecked in a mustard suit and accented with plenty of ice, brought soul to life. His brother, Ernie, on lead guitar, also demonstrated his instrumental virtuosity. In short, if you like soul, you’ll love The Isley Brothers.

Sam’s Town Live! Call for tickets for all shows at 1-888-464-2468 or visit

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