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By • Feb 22nd, 2000 •

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(Sterling Home Entertainment) 1999

It was fun to see Emilio Estevez again, one of the few 80’s brat-packers I actually liked. In Late Last Night, a comedy patterned after wild-night-on-the-town comedies like Swingers and Go, Estevez plays Dan , a young LA lawyer spending the night of his life. While his predicaments are all rather ho-hum, Estevez experiences them with the deadpan expression of W.C Fields in one of his classic domestic comedies.

Dan and his buddy, Jeff (Steven Weber) go through such LA nocturnal misadventures as picking up two beautiful, swinging blondes and bringing them home. When the girls turn their apartment into a jerry-rigged Gentlemen’s Club, with themselves as the dancers, a big time mess results. One of the better escapades is when Dan and Jeff enter a wild club. I liked the touch of showing them constantly taking escalators down, going down the stairs, etc, into a techno-neon Hell. Again, their entrance into this club has wretched results.

Kelly Rowan plays Jill, Dan’s cute wife of one year, and I was hoping she’d do more with her adorable, flaky character. Catherine O’Hara, that comedic gem from After Hours and Beetlejuice is wasted in a bit part as a police psychiatrist. Late Last Night is basically a comedy that has both its fun peaks and dull valleys.

Note: I found a coming attraction on the Late Last Night VHS very fascinating. It was for The Wrecking Crew, a rather well produced urban gangsta thriller with Ice T and tons of wicked action. What made this fascinating was that it was made in video. Is the video revolution finally here?

Directed and Written by Steven Brill

Emilio Estevez, Steven Weber, Catherine O’Hara

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