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By • Jan 11th, 2000 •

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The Haas duo’s evocations are so lush and intriguing – one could see them as more full-blooded, exploitative Merchant-Ivory endeavors – that even a near miss is a potential keeper. I liked this exploration of the free-love era and its pitfalls better than Hideous Kinky, partially because its resolution is murky, where HK‘s point seemed to be positive, and I felt that the protagonist should have been brought up on maternal abandonment charges. Charles Dance and Sheryl Lee are the liberated couple who live in a remote villa (though how, financially, is never broached) until another couple, with children, happen into their world, and they set their libidos and notions of open marriage on the innocent and more conventional family.

The mood of the film, the evocation of the time and location, is palpable. It’s a beautiful job of art direction, and an interesting drama of ideas to match, not unlike their successful Angels and Insects, which was our Filmusic issue cover a few years back. The disc quality is accurate and detailed – it would have to be considering the scenographics – and the actors provide us with some unabashed skin, a signature of the Haas’s work, but certainly motivated by the subject matter. David Lynch’s composer/conspirator Angelo Badalamenti provides a redolent score.

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