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By • Dec 17th, 1999 •

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Watched it, had a lot of fun with it, still can’t figure out what the title meant.

As often happens, and I’m sure many of you have experienced the same thing, friends get together, look through several dozen as yet unseen discs, and can’t agree on a title to view. Madness! So then it comes down to reading the credits, hoping everyone will be inspired by a combination of actors, a director, something?! And so it came to pass with the screening committee one night recently. And what did we all finally agree on? Rutger Hauer. Beloved icon who let his career and waistline go the way of Brando’s, almost guaranteed to be fun.

And this was no exception. Director Tibor Takacs, who caused a stir some years ago by duplicating Darby O’Gill and the Little People’s wondrous forced perspective work on a low budget film called The Gate (1987 – on laserdisc from Image), and has been laboring in the land of the ‘B’s ever since, here finessed a deal with homeland Hungary, and dazzles us with sumptuous locations we’ve never seen before, lots of sheer exploitation in the form of T&A, violence, and narrative speed, and lets Rutger loose amidst all this. What a guilty winner.

The plot: In Russia, sometime in the technological future, hijacker Hauer is shot and left for dead by his partner and his girlfriend (sound familiar?, yep, along with Payback, it’s another take on Point Blank), and is resurrected by government dwellers for reasons we can never quite divine, but uses his new life to retrieve the money they stole from him.

If you enjoy this kind of thing, and most people have a soft spot in their hearts for just such a pleasure, check it out pronto.

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