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By • Oct 26th, 1999 •

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Randolph Scott’s westerns are so quiet and interesting, and certainly an acquired taste, but what makes this one particularly worth viewing is the opening sequence which is, literally element for element, an earlier version of the opening sequence from The Wild Bunch. There’s no accidental similarity here; it’s a real steal. But I must add, what Peckinpah and editor Lou Lombardo did with the material is like what Dan O’Bannon and Ridley Scott did with Alien Vs. It! The Terror From Beyond Space. Or what Chaplin did with Monsieur Verdoux Vs what Orson Welles pitched him and later insisted he be credited for in the title sequence. (Maybe that second comparison is unfair.)

Roan, incidently, has just unloaded its library on the Troma Group!? A strange passing of the baton. But at least the DVD releases will continue.

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